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Acrobotrys teralans

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Discussion on Acrobotrys teralans
Richard N. Benson (18/12/2003)
Illustrations of Gen. et sp. indet. by Riedel and Sanfilippo (1971, pl. 1J, figs. 17-18) and Acrobotrys teralans Renz by Takahashi (1991, pl. 45, figs. 18-19) are identical with those of the Gulf of California species in the presence of (1) the ventral porous tube on the upper ventral face of the thorax and (2) the apical bar which extends as a rib along the ventral edge of the dorsal lobe and projects as a short, apical spine. Renzís (1976, p. 152-153) description of her species Acrobotrys teralans conforms to Bensonís (1966, p. 339) description of Acrobotrys cf. disolenia except that she indicates a trilobate cephalis, whereas Benson (1966, text-fig. 21) shows that it is bilobate. Renzís (1976) description does not conform to her illustration of the species in her plate 7, figure 8, but her figure 10 (designated Botryopyle dictyocephalus) does. It appears that the figure captions were mismatched to the figures. Renzís (1974, pl. 18, fig. 9) illustration of Acrobotrys sp. conforms to those of Benson (1966) and Takahashi 1991).
Van de Paverdís (1995, pl. 77, fig. 10-12) illustrations of Botryopyle riedeli (Nishimura) are nearly identical with those of the Gulf of California species except the ventral porous tube, if present, is not clearly visible. He did list the Gulf species in his synonymy, however. Nishimuraís (1990) description and illustration were not available for comparison.











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