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Acrobotrys cribosa

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Discussion on Acrobotrys cribosa.
Richard N. Benson (18/12/2003)
Included in the synonymy are only those species whose illustrations or descriptions (in the literature available to me) include four lobes surrounding the small rounded cephalis, which is partly within the test cavity, and with a latticed ventral tube extending from the small ventral cephalic lobe (see Benson, 1966, text-fig. 22). This may be too narrow a definition of the species because the two lateral triangular lobes on either side of the small cephalis and the ventral tube may be difficult to observe. These two features apparently are missing in Botryopyle dictyocephalus which closely resembles Acrobotrys cribosa.
As only one tube is present, the species does not conform to Haeckel’s (1887, p. 1114) definition of the subgenus Acrobotrissa which has three sagittal tubes.











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