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Dictyophimus killmari

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Revised Benson (1966, 1983) taxonomy
Richard N. Benson (30/01/2004)

In 2003, Richard N. Benson and Kjell Bjørklund revised the taxonomy of the Gulf of California radiolarian species to conform to modern usage. Some of the names of Benson (1966 and 1983) were changed accordingly. See synonymy for previously used names for this taxon.

Caulet and Nigrini (1988, Micropaleontology, 34 (3), p. 217-235) emended the definition of Pterocorys Haeckel to include species with three segments, a tri-lobate cephalis, and dorsal and lateral spines extending as ribs into the thorax that may project as thorns or wings. Although Benson (1983) placed Renz’s species Coracalyptra killmari in the genus Pterocorys, the cephalis is not tri-lobate, and the dorsal and lateral spines continue as ribs in the thorax that extend as divergent feet (not wings [Renz, 1976, p. 118] or thorns) arising subterminally from the thorax. For these reasons I place the species in the genus Dictyophimus Ehrenberg. Note the resemblance of this species to Dictyophimus crisiae.











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