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Eucyrtidium erythromystax

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Revised Benson (1966) taxonomy
Richard N. Benson (08/06/2004)
In 2003, Richard N. Benson and Kjell Bjørklund revised the taxonomy of the Gulf of California radiolarian species to conform to modern usage. Some of the names of Benson (1966 and 1983) were changed accordingly. See synonymy for previously used names for this taxon.

Benson (1966) named this species Lithomitra infundibulum on the basis of what appears now to be only a superficial resemblance to Haeckel’s (1887, pl. 79, fig. 5) illustration of that species. We have now determined that Benson’s (1966, p. 502-505; pl. 34, figs. 10-12; text-fig. 26) description and illustrations of Lithomitra infundibulum conform to those of Eucyrtidium erythromystax Nigrini and Caulet (1992, p. 154-156; pl. 4, figs. 9-10), although those authors did not mention the inconspicuous vertical tube on the cephalis (see Benson, 1966, text-fig. 26) as noted by Benson (1983, p. 503).











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