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Since 1978, InterRad has convened conferences every three years in which a wide range of research papers have been presented. The previous meeting was held in Antalya, Turkey in March 2015. The next meeting will be in Japan in October 2017.

InterRad XV
The international radiolarian conference in Niigata Japan,
October 22-27 2017.

InterRad XIV(2015)
Antalya, Turkey;
Responsible Organizer: Ugur Kagan Tekin
1st circular (pdf 1.1 MB)
Report and Business meeting XIV Interrad.pdf
Group photo (jpg 942 KB)

InterRad XIII (2012)
University of Cádiz, Spain
Responsible Organizer: Luis O'Dogherty .
1st circular (pdf 1.8 MB) 2nd circular (pdf 4.6 MB)
Report_and_Business_Metteing_INTERRAD_XIII (pdf 311 KB)
Group photo (jpg 135 KB)

InterRad XII (2009)
Nanjing, China
Responsible organizer: Hui Luo
1st circular 2nd circular Minutes of InterRad IX (pdf, 73 KB) Group photo (jpg, 1.1 MB)

InterRad XI (2006)
Wellington, New Zealand
Responsible organizer: Chris Hollis and Hamish Campbell
Minutes of InterRad business meeting (pdf, 24.5 KB)

InterRad X (2003)
Lausanne, Switzerland
Responsible organizer: Peter O. Baumgartner
1st circular, 2nd circular, 3rd circular, 4th circular, Group photo

InterRad IX (2000)
Blairsden, California, USA
Responsible organizer: Joyce R. Blueford and Paula Noble

InterRad VIII (1997)
Paris-Bierville, France
Responsible organizer: Jean-Pierre Caulet and Patrick De Wever

InterRad VII (1994)
Osaka, Japan
Responsible organizer: Akira Yao

InterRad VI (1991)
Florence, Italy
Responsible organizer: Marta Marcucci

InterRad V (1988)
Marburg, Germany
Responsible organizer: Reinhard Schmidt-Effing and Andreas Braun

EuroRad IV (1984)
Leningrad, Russia
Responsible organizer: Maria G. Petrushevskaya

EuroRad III (1982)
Bergen, Norway
Responsible organizer: Kjell R. Bjørklund

EuroRad II (1980)
Basel, Switzerland
Responsible organizer: Peter O. Baumgartner

EuroRad I (1978)
Lille, France
Responsible organizer: Patrick De Wever