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INTERRAD XII - 2009 (China)
Jane K. Dolven (2009/03/24)

Norwegian Radiolarian Stamp
Kjell R. Bjørklund (2005/09/27)

InterRad 11 and Triassic Symposium, March 2006, New Zealand: Reminder
Chris Hollis (2005/06/25)

Radiolarians in the Geological Record
Ed O. Amon and Marina S. Afanasieva (2005/05/29)

Interrad XI Conference Announcement: call for papers
Chris Hollis (2005/05/02)

Review of Radiolarians in the Sedimentary Record
John Gregory (2004/10/30)

Chris Hollis (2004/09/14)

Radiolarians in the Sedimentary Record
Patrick De Wever (2003/09/15)

Circular INTERRAD X - 2003
Peter O. Baumgartner (2003/08/03)

RADIOLARIA 21now also on Radiolaria.org
Jane (2003/07/01)

Jonathan Aitchison (2003/06/27)

Second Circular INTERRAD X - 2003
Sarah-Jane Jackett (2003/02/16)

Radfolks mailing list
Giuseppe Cortese (2003/02/11)

First Circular INTERRAD X - 2003
Peter O. Baumgartner (2002/05/20)

Jonathan Aitchison (2002/05/12)

More plates added in the Archive section
Jane (2002/01/24)

Radiolaria update
Jane (2001/05/07)

Siliceous Microfossil Meeting - 24th of May
John Gregory (2001/04/05)

Cushman Foundation publications for radiolarian workers
Patricia A Whalen (2000/12/03)

Paleozoic Working Group
Patricia A Whalen (2000/12/03)

Mystery Rad of the Month
Jane (2000/11/19)

Radiolaria.org presented at Interrad 2000
Jane (2000/11/11)

Improvements for Radiolaria.org
Jane (2000/11/11)

Issues discussed about Radioloaira.org at Interrad 2000 meeting
Jane (2000/11/11)

Workshop report from the late Cretaceous - early Paleogene Working Group
Christopher J Hollis (2000/10/02)

INTERRAD XII - 2009 (China)
The next InterRad conference will be in Nanjing, China, in September 2009.

First circular:

Second circular:

Note the deadline for pre-registration and abstract submission: April 30, 2009.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Hui Luo.

Jane K. Dolven (2009/03/24)