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Ceratocyrtis galeus (Cleve, 1899)

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Skeleton flat conical, consisting of two segments indistinctly demarcated. No complex eminences at the junction of the segments, the wall of one passing directly into that of the other. Walls uneven, with numerous spines. Pores polygonal, irregularly disposed; toward lower part of shell gradually increasing in size. Internal skeleton composed of basic elements (needles MB, D, Lr, Ll, A, and Vert). MB very short; A, D, Lr, and Ll seem to arise from one point. Direction of these needles varies somewhat, not as strictly fixed as in all the representatives of family Cyrtoidae... Externally needle A forms massive apical horn on "cephalis"; remaining needles short, concealed among numerous supplementary needles arising on surface shell.

Dimensions: length of shell more than 100µm, width 140-160µm, diameter of pores to 30µm.











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