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Carpocanarium papillosum (Ehrenberg, 1872)

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Dictyocephalus papillosus:
Cephalis approximately hemispherical, with small subcircular pores in a hyaline shell-wall, set off from thorax by a pronounced change in contour. Many specimens have a small, inconspicuous lateral tubule projecting slightly from the cephalis near its junction with the thorax, and a short, acute apical horn. Thorax ovate, usually with a rough surface, and with a conspicuous subcylindrical or flared peristome surrounding the mouth which is approximately one-half to two-thirds as broad as the thorax. Thoracic pores subcircular to circular, usually of different sizes and without regular arrangement, separated by rather wide and often thick intervening bars. In the upper part of the thoracic wall are three, usually conspicuous longitudinal ribs, which in many specimens terminate in three short, solid, triangular lateral wings at or about the level at which the thorax reaches its maximum breadth. Length of cephalis 18-25 ì, of thorax (including peristome) 60-90 ì. Maximum breadth of thorax 58-70 ì.











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