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Carposphaera subbotinae Borisenko, 1958

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Cortical shell spherical, thin-walled, with thorny surface and circular to subcircular pores regular to irregular in size and arrangement. Medullary shell large, generally similar to cortical shell but with pores about 30 per cent smaller in diameter, attatched to the cortical shell by numerous (perhaps 30-40) radial bars which do not extend beyond the shell surface.
Measurements (based on 15 specimens from 86-7,CC; 86-8-3; 86-8-4; and 86-8,CC). Diameter of cortical shell 180-240µ, of medullary shell 105-130µ. Distance between centers of pores of cortical shell 15-22.5 µ.
This species is distinguished by its large medullary shell. There is some similarity to Haliomma entactinia (Ehrenberg 1873, p. 235; 1875, pl. 26, fig.4), but we have not been able to determine whether the two species are identical.











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