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Sphaeropyle langii Dreyer, 1889

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The forms encountered here agree well with the description of Dreyer, differing only in that the outer shell is not consistently smooth, but may have short thorny by-spines. Longer spines, when present, are up to six in number, disposed as for the Cubosphaeridae; one of these spines, particularly on younger forms, may be associated with the pylome. In addition, the size of the pores of the outer shell and its thickness vary considerably among individual specimens. The second shell has rounded pores, generally irregular in size, 8 to 12 per half a circumference.
Measurements (based on 50 specimens from 310-1-1 to 310-6, CC). Diameter of the outer shell 110-210µ, second shell 70-114µ, third shell 25-45µ, innermost shell 12-15µ. Thickness of outer shell 3-15µ.











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