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Sphaerostylus nicholasi Blueford, 1982

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Two shells, 120-160 and 24-36Ám in diameter. Outer shell slightly elongated along polar axis. Surface 12-24Ám thick, with 2 unequal conical polar spines having lengths of 96-168 and 24-72Ám. Pores circular, of nearly equal size, 12Ám average diameter, closely packed, polygonally framed with fluted crests, 12-16Ám between their centers. Inner shell delicate with hexagonal pores, 5Ám in diameter, closely packed, of equal size. Four to six radial beams connecting inner to outer shell.
Distinguishing features: Large, with slightly elongated outer shell and circular inner one. Two unequal, long, conical polar spines and robust outer shell. Differs from Axopronum stauraxonium (Haeckel 1887) by its longer, unequal spines and delicate inner shell with hexagonal pores.
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