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Neosemantis hofferti Goll, 1980

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Skeleton consists of cephalic elements and their associated spicules; no lattice shell. Apical and two primary lateral apophyses of equal length, 95-136Ám long, 7-9Ám in diameter, distinctively tribladed in cross section. Frontal apophyse somewhat shorter, 74-98Ám long, but otherwise identical to primary lateral apophyses. All apophyses radiate from short (10Ám), round median bar, which bears a small spine-like axobate (pl. 3, fig. 3). Frontal and primary lateral apophyses lie in horizontal plane with median bars. Apical apophyse is slghtly arched, with convex side towards the front. Spicules 12-30Ám long project radially from the three ridges along the margins of each apophyse. These spicules are arranged in sets of regular verticils consisting of three spicules and spaced at intervals of 20-30Ám along each apophyse. All specimens have a simple, well-developed vertical spine 18-32Ám long, with or without profusion of micronodes.
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