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Cystophormis brevispina group Petrushevskaya, 1975

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?Cystophormis brevispina
Description. Cephalis strongly compressed, cap partially embedded in thorax, with a few small circular pores. Thorax not flared, centally in­flated, with medium circular pores arranged in staggered vertical rows. Bars medium to wide, of moderate thickness. Some specimens have ver­tical ribs between pore rows. Thorax terminated by circular opening at base of thorax approximately same diameter as cephalis, surrounded by a hyaline peristome. Outline of shell is smooth. The photographs in Pe­trushevskaya (1975) are too blurred to permit definite comparisons.
Occurrence: In Sections 105-647A-14, CC and -13, CC (early Miocene).











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