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Spongopyle osculosa Dreyer, 1889

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Spongy shell in form of biconvex lens. Its shape varies: approximates to a more or less regular circle. Spongy tissue fine; central thickened part of shell constructed of denser spongy mass than marginal. Entire surface of shell in adult specimens covered by mantle similar to that of Spongurus pylomaticus. Because of mantle shell has clear contours. Radial pieces pass among cross-pieces of spongy tissue in form of indistinct radial striation. Do not emerge to the outside, and shells devoid of radial needles. Distinct pylome characteristic. This is not a simple funnel in spongy tissue...but specialized formation in form of porous tubule with notches at end.

Growth changes are expressed by a continual increase in size of disk. Young specimens smaller that adults; more slender and transparent, their radial pieces more marked; their surface not covered by mantle. Pylome tubule present even in comparatively young specimens.

Dimensions: diameter of disk of adult specimens 190-270 micrometer.
Lozano 1977











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