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Radiolarian models

By Dagmar Borgwart

Radiolarians are organisms that can't be kept in culture and thus there is very little known about the living organism. Nonetheless I decided to try and portray the animal with protoplasm. The starting point was the various drawings of skeletons, and the plates from Haeckel's "Kunstformen der Natur". Dave Lazarus clarified many details, and showed me a video of living radiolarians. The goal was to create radiolarian models that reflect the natural opal material and natural protoplasm, and as well reflect the delicacy of these forms.

Modern transparent plastics offer the chance to create models that are not so sensitive as those of the Blaschkas (glassblowers from Bohemia), and they will survive careful transport.

The forms of the skeletons were carved and filed out of plexiglas, and finished with epoxy and other glues. Various plastic films were used for the plasma, and the radiating pseudopods were drawn from heated 1 mm plexiglas sticks.

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