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Lipmanella dictyoceras

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Revised Benson (1966) taxonomy
Richard N. Benson (02/02/2004)
In 2003, Richard N. Benson and Kjell Bjørklund revised the taxonomy of the Gulf of California radiolarian species to conform to modern usage. Some of the names of Benson (1966 and 1983) were changed accordingly. See synonymy for previously used names for this taxon.

Genus Dictyoceras is preoccupied by Eichwold as given in Loeblich, and Tappan (Loeblich, A.R., Jr., and Tappan, Helen, 1961, Remarks on the systematics of the Sarkodina (Protozoa), renamed homonyms and new and validated genera: Proc. Biol. Soc. of Washington, v. 74, p. 213-234), who renamed the genus as Lipmanella on p. 229.

Kling (1973, p. 636 [see references]): “Dictyoceras virchowii is an invalid name proposed arbitrarily by Haeckel in 1862 for Lithoronithium dictyoceras.”











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