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Eucyrtidium hexastichum

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Revised Benson (1966) taxonomy
Richard N. Benson (08/06/2004)
In 2003, Richard N. Benson and Kjell Bjørklund revised the taxonomy of the Gulf of California radiolarian species to conform to modern usage. Some of the names of Benson (1966 and 1983) were changed accordingly. See synonymy for previously used names for this taxon.

Benson (1966, 1983) recognized two general forms of this species; both are identical in all details except for pore size. One has small pores ranging in size from 1-4 µm and arranged in 8-12 transverse rows per joint; the other has larger pores ranging from 2-8 µm and arranged in 3-5 rows per joint. Tests with small pores in transverse rows are named Eucyrtidium hexastichum (Haeckel).











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