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Stylodictya validispina

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Concentric chambers versus spiral
Kjell R. Bjørklund (05/02/2004)
At station V27-93, off the west coast of Norway, located in the warm Norwegian Current (The Gulf Stream) it seems as if the majority of the skeletons of Stylodictya validispina have their concentric rings converted into a spiral, with equal distance between each turn. A normal structure of Stylodictya validispina is a concentric arrangemnt of 5-7 chambers, with equal disctance between the rings. If these two morphotypes are the same species is at present uncertain. The taxonomic position of Stylodictya validispina with a spiral skeleton is uncertain. Until this problem has been been solved, I prefer to keep the two to groups as one species, namely Stylodictya validispina.











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