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May 2001
Triacartus? n.sp. A.

ODP Site 1121, eastern flanks of Campbell Plateau, Late Paleocene, 1121B-8-5, 120-122 cm

Genus TRIACARTUS Haeckel
Triacartus Haeckel 1881, p. 437. Type species Stichopilium cortina Haeckel, 1887, p. 1437. (SD Campbell, 1954, p. D136)
Stichopilium Haeckel 1881, p. 438; 1887, 1436 (obj. syn.)

Triacartus? sp. A

Description: Narrowly conical to cylindrical test of three to four segments. Segmentation indistinct. Spheroidal cephalis bears two main horns and one to three accessory spines. Short trapezoidal thorax bears three short lateral spines. When it forms the last segment, abdomen is cylindrical, otherwise barrel-shaped. Fourth segment cylindrical or barrel-shaped. Basal termination ragged. Circular pores gradually increase in size from cephalis to final segment.

Remarks: Bears little resemblance to any other known species.

Chris Hollis

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