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June 2006
Hi everyone,
I'm posting this on behalf of Tracey Davey (Newcastle University, UK).
Could anyone help with the identification of this microorganism?
The specimen is from a water sample collected off the coast of Northumberland (UK). The scanning electron microscope photo has been slightly colored in Photoshop.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Best regards,

Jane Dolven 2006/06/19

Unknown microorganism.

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... due to its size. What looks like spines might be symbionts.
In case you have enough time, look here

Peter A. Cejchan (2006/06/21)

Could it be the inner part of a statolith from a shrimp?

JP Caulet (2006/07/09)

I have similar one...


I found similar speciments in cretaceous radiolarian bearing rock from Sulawesi island, Indonesia.

munasri (2006/09/25)

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