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Stylochlamydium venustum (Bailey, 1856)

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Perichlamidium venustum (Bailey 1856; pl. 1, figs. 16-17):
Shell discoidal with a thickened spongiform central mass, and a broad cellulose margin with numerous rays prolonged into projecting spines.

Diameter 10m to 15m. Width of margin 1m to 2m.
(The micro-unit which I employ is 1/1000th of an English inch, and I express the dimensions in integers and fractions of this unit, thus 3 1/4m=0.00325”)

[Diameter =0.010 to 0.015 inch. Width of margin= 0.001 to 0.002 inch].

This shell is not rare in these soundings, and is, I believe, the first of its genus that has been found in the recent state.
Bailey 1856
Benson, 1966, p. 210-213; pl. 10, figs. 2,4,7 (not figs. 3,5(?),6):

Ommatodiscus sp. [part.]

See Benson (1966) description of this species group under Stylodictya tenuispina.

Benson, 1983, p. 509 [revised 2003]:

Stylochlamydium venustum (Bailey)

This species includes specimens with an opaque, biconvex central region (concentric discoidal shells), surrounded in a single plane by generally irregular concentric rings which may be broken into concave outward segments near the periphery of the test. A porous sieve plate covers the rings on both sides of the test.
Benson 1983











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