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Spongomelissa dilli Chen, 1975

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Cephalis hemispherical, bearing two 3-bladed spines; one apical, short and strongly faceted, the other vertical and emerging from the collar stricture. Collar stricture marked by a change in contour . Thorax short, broad, and conical with an indistinct constricted peristome, dorsal and two lateral spines fusing to and extending beyond the wall of the thorax as three short, 3-bladed wings. Both segments rough-walled with randomly disposed circular to ovate pores of various dimensions.
Measurements based on 25 specimens from Samples 266-16-2,100-102cm; 266-15-3,50-52cm; 266-12,CC; and 266-11,CC: length of the shell (excluding apical horn), 135µ-153µ; maximum width of the thorax, 171µ-189µ.

This species is distinguished by its broad and compressed thorax.
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