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Stichocorys peregrina (Riedel, 1953)

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Shell with seven (or more) segments distinctly seperated by constrictions, the first four segments together forming a conical section, the subsequent segments an approximately cylindrical section. Cephalis subspherical, rough, poreless, and bearing, usually eccentrical, a straight or curved conical horn of the same length. Thorax hemispherical, with rough surface, having some 40 subcircular pores, which are irregularly arranged and 1.5-3 times as broad as the intervening bars. Third segment conical, usually longer than any other, and fourth segment a cylinder bulged laterally to a greater or less degree; these two segments with rough surface, and circular pores 2-4 times as broad as the bars, often regularly arranged in indistinct vertical series, 7-9 in a vertical row on each segment, 14-20 on a half equator. Segments subsequent to the fourth are generally shorter and narrower than the third and forth, subcylindrical, and laterally bulged: their surfaces are smooth, with irregularly dsiposed subcircular pores, 2-5 times as broad as the bars. The entire apertural margin of the shell was not observed, though it might be expected to be not greatly constricted, without radial apophyses.
Length of the first four segments 125-135µm; greatest breadth (in the lower part of the third segment, or the middle of the fourth) 70-80µm. Breadth of cephalis 20µm; of thorax 35-40µm; of fifth segment 60-65µm. Length of cephalis 12-15µm; of thorax 20-25µm; of third segment 35-50µm; of fourth segment 30-40µm; of subsequent segments 20-45µm.
This subspecies differs from E. elongatum Stöhr (1880) in that the pores are larger, and those on the third and fourth segments are more regularly arranged. Also, the third segment is usually conical, rather than subcylindrical.
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