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Stichocorys armata (Haeckel, 1887)

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Shell spiny, spindle-shaped, with three annular septa. Length of the four joints= 3:4:5:6. The third joint is the broadest, being twice as broad as the constricted mouth. Pores irregular, roundish. Cephalis conical, armed with a bunch of strong, conical spines, and distinguished by double-contoured pores. Peristome with six (sometimes five or seven) triangular, vertical, parallel, or slightly divergent feet.
Dimensions: Length of the shell (with four joints) 0.18, breadth 0.09. Length of the single joints, a 0.03, b 0.04, c 0.05, d 0.06.
(Haeckel) 1887











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