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Sphaerostylus rosetta Blueford, 1982

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Outer shell ellipsoidal (96-120µ main axis, 84-96µm minor) or spherical (84-108µm), inner shell circular, 24-48µm. Outer wall 12-24µm thick, with two unequal, polar spines. Spines weakly bladed or conical, lengths 48-96 and 12-48µm. Outer pores rosette-shaped, diameter of 10-20µm, closely packed, polygonally framed, 20-25µm between pore centers. Large pores one to two times size of smaller. Inner shell thin, with circular or hexagonal pores of equal size.
Distinguishing features:
Ellipsoidal or spherical outer shell with two unequal, weakly bladed or conical polar spines. Pores large and rosette-shaped. Differs from Stylatractus neptunus (Haeckel 1887) by its two shells and size and shape of pores.
Blueford 1982











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