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Stichocorys johnsoni Caulet, 1986

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Shell with four (or more?) segments, distinctly separated by constrictions, the first three segments together forming a conical section. Cephalis subspherical, rough, poreless, and bearing a slightly curved apical horn generally longer than the first segment. Thorax subspherical, well developed, having 20-30 irregularly arranged subcircular pores. Third segment conical, longer and broader than any other, bearing two kinds of pores: ordinary small pores on the whole surface and a single row of pores twice as large as the others just below the lumbar stricture. Fourth segment generally ragged with smaller pores irregularly arranged. Entire apertural margin never observed.

Dimensions: Length of the first, second, and third segments: 120-130µm. Thoracic length: 40µm. Abdominal length: 50-60µm.
Caulet 1986











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