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Thecosphaera pseudojaponica Nakaseko, 1971

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Thecosphaera pseudojaponica
Description: Shell entirely globular, rather small, with rough surface and three concentric spheres; outer shell with moderately thick wall, surface with about 10 pores across the diameter; its pores fairly small, circular, regular in arrangement, uniform in size and shape, and with hexagonal frames; secondary inner shell about 0.43 of the outer shell in diameter, with thin wall; primary inner shell about 0.2 of the outer shell, very small; three concentric spheres connected by many radial beams.
Measurements: Diameter of the outer shell, 90µ; of the secondary inner shell, 40µ; of the inner shell, 16µ.
Remarks: This species is considerably similar to Thecosphaera japonica described above in diameter, the pore pattern of the outer shell, shape and number of radial beams. Also it resembles T.japonica in the pore pattern of the inner shell, but differs in ratio of outer shell and inner shell.
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