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Excentrosphaerella sphaeroconcha Dumitrica, 1978

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Excentrosphaerella sphaeroconcha
Both cortical shells spherical or subspherical, with circular or subcircular pores irregularly arranged. They are connected to one another and to the medullary shell by numerous thin radial beams. Outer surface thorny.
Diameter of microsphere: 0.013mm; of outer medullary shell: 0.055-0.065 mm; of inner cortical shell: 0.117-0.123 mm; of outer cortical shell: 0.217-0.240 mm.
Few in some levels of Upper Badenian.
Dumitrica 1978
Excentrosphaerella sphaeroconcha
The externality of the cortical shell is considerably variable from smooth to spinous. Moreover, there are many individuals having a single or triple cortical shell.
Sugiyama and Furutani 1992











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