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Calocyletta serrata Moore, 1972

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Description: Cephahis ovate, lobed, with sparse circular to subcircular pores. Some pores extend from the cephalis up into the region of a stout, conical apical horn. Thorax subspherical to campanulate, with circular pores hexagonally arranged and tending toward longitudinal alignment. Slight lumbar stricture externally. Abdomen tapering distally and terminating in three to twelve triangular terminal feet. Feet varying greatly in length and may be irregularly spaced. Abdominal pores circular to subcircular, hexagonally arranged and longitudinally aligned. Longitudinal lines continuous with those of thorax.

Dimensions: Based on 30 specimens. Length of apical horn 72-110µ, of cephalls 38-48µ, of thorax 96-125µ, of abdomen 43-96µ,of feet 5-29µ.

Remarks: Although the occasional presence of a slightly campanulate thorax and a slight lumbar stricture tend to separate this species from its close relatives, C. robusta and C. virginis, it is only through the presence of triangular terminal feet that it can be readily distinguished. The only other species of Calocycletta closely resembling C. serrata is C. caepa. The latter species is stratigraphically separated from C. serrata and distinguished from it by a lighter, cylindrical thorax and by its generally smaller and more spike-shaped terminal feet. Like C parva, C serrata is a rare member of the radiolarian assemblage.
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