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Calocycletta parva Moore, 1972

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Description: Cephalis ovate, lobed, with sparse subcircular to circular pores, and bearing a weakly bladed apical horn. A small appendix to the cephalis cavity may extend up into the apical horn (plate 1, figure 5) or, if the horn is more strongly bladed, small pores may be found at the base of the horn between the blades. Thorax subspherical, heavy, with a roughened surface and hexagonally arranged, circular pores. Usually no lumbar stricture externally. Abdomen subcylindrical, tapering distally, with a ragged termination, generally thinner and more delicate than the thorax. Abdominal pores subcircular and varying in size. Pores tending to be longitudinally aligned but randomly spaced. This
species is generally very rare.
Moore 1972











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