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Calocycletta robusta Moore, 1972

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Description: Stout conical apical horn which envelops or nearly envelops an ovate, lobed cephalis. Cephalis with very sparse subcircular pores. Thorax robust and hemispherical to subspherical in shape. Rough surface of the thorax pierced by circular, hexagonally arranged
pores with a tendency toward longitudinal alignment. Lumbar stricture usually not marked externally except in early forms. Abdomen tapering distally and pierced by subcircular pores which are strongly longitudinally aligned. Abdominal termination usually ragged, but may be irregular with lamellar and tapering feet in the later forms. Early forms of C. robusta (Moore, MS., pl. 7, fig. 4a) have a nearly hemispherical thorax, a cylindrical shape in the region of the lumbar stricture, and an abdomen that tapers distally. Later forms (plate 1, figure 6; Moore, MS., pl. 7, fig. 4b) have a subspherical thorax that gives rise smoothly to the uniform taper of
the abdomen at or slightly above the lumbar stricture.
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