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Buryella clinata Foreman, 1973

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Description: Shell of four segments, with none of the stricture expressed externally. Cephalis subspherical with a few very small circular pores, bearing a broad-based, sharp, bladed, apical horn, its length up to twice that of the cephalis. Ridges from the horn diverge and extend to the collar stricture except ventrally where two ridges rejoin to enclose a vertical pore and form an upwardly directed tube. Collar stricture internally with four collar pores. Thorax truncate-conical with circular pores randomly or quincuncially arranged. Third segment largest, inflated, its greatest dimension medianly or in the distal half, with circular to subcircular pores, quincuncially arranged in transverse and diagonal rows. Fourth segment inversely truncate-conical proximally, cylindrical distally with thinner wall, and pores subcircular to elliptical in transverse rows, termination ragged. Measurements (based on fifteen specimens from 94-30, CC, 94-29, CC, and 94-28, CC). Length overall 140-195ì, length of cephalis and thorax 40-45ì, of third segment 50-75ì; greatest width 65-85ì. Remarks: The species described and illustrated here agrees well with the brief descriptions and illustrations of Nigrini and of Riedel and Sanfilippo. It differs only in its greater size. This species is related to and distinguished from B. tetradica as described under that species. It differs from Theocorys trisulca Kozlova (Kozlova and Gorbovetz, 1966, p. I l l , pi. 17, fig. 9) in the nature of the third (second?) segment which is described as having a tuberculate surface and round, scalloped, doublecontoured pores, unequal in size and irregularly spaced. The upward range of this form is not certain. It is present in almost all samples, common to rare, from Core 94-31 through Core 94-26. Above that level it occurs sporadically as a single, isolated specimen in rather widely separated samples, the latest in the Dorcadospyris ateuchus Zone of Hole 86.
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