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Clinorhabdus anantomus Sanfilippo and Caulet, 1998

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Test of three segments.
Cephalis externally hemispheroidal, internally spheroidal; bearing thin, weakly-bladed to conical apical horn of varying length; pores small, circular to subcircular, irregularly distributed; well developed , upwardly-directed vertical tube at posterior base of cephalis, externally expressed as low, truncated cone; collar stricture generally externally visible as slight contour change.
Thorax inflated truncate-conical; pores circular to subcircular, quincuncially arranged; lumbar stricture externally visible as contour change, internally as smooth, poreless, transverse ring joined to shell by numerous bars.
Abdomen inflated cylindroidal, generally widest across the centre; pores circular to subcircular, arranged in longitudinal and transverse rows although often some rows disrupted, longitudinal pore rows separated by longitudinal ridges, pores of last transverse pore row smaller than other abdominal pores and not always aligned with longitudinal rows; aperture constricted; termination smooth, in form of narrow, smooth poreless peristome, often only as wide as a pore bar.
Etymology: In honour of Maria Petrushevskaya for her numerous contributions to radiolarian micropaleontology and particularly for her work on DSDP Site 208.
Sanfilippo and Caulet 1998











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