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Gonosphaera primordialis Jørgensen, 1905

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Gonosphaera (p. 132):
The very peculiar, little species which belongs here, seems to be constructed in the flowing way: There are two rather regular pentagons, having one side in common. Their planes form an angle of about 120°. At the four corners there are long spines, pointing obliquely outwards in different directions. Between the fifth corners, one in each pentagon, opposite to their common side, there is a three-jointed connecting arch, bent outwards from both the pentagons. This arch carries in the two corners which do not lie in the original pentagons (but farthest away from them), two long, diverging spines.

Gonosphaera primordialis: (p. 132-133)
I will add a few remarks to the description already given of the genus. In most positions, this species will have the appearance of a more or less distinct pentagon, with long spines at the corners, and also a connecting arch with three similar spines. Looking straight towards one of the two pentagons (with a side in common), the connecting arch with its spines, will look like two long spines, connected by a short cross beam.

I cannot say where this species really belongs, but judging from the skeleton and the position of the central capsule, it would seem to belong to the Nassellaria. I have, however, only once seen the plasmatic parts. The species does not seem to be so very rare, but is easily overlooked on account of its small size.

Found in rather many samples from deep water, always in small numbers.

Distribution: Also on the west coast of Norway. Probably boreal oceanic.
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