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Ceratospyris hyperborea Jørgensen, 1905

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Ceratospyris hyperborea:
I have only seen very few individuals of this species. Its structure seems to be of precisely the same type as that of Dictyocircus clathratus, only that, on both sides of the sagittal ring, there is a further development of the net work, which has become two complete domes, one on each side.

The primary pores (nearest the sagittal ring) are polygonal, the others being irregular roundish and oblong and varying considerably in size. The separating walls are strong, with here and there narrow, protruding points which form obliquely diverging narrow spines. There is also a rather plentiful number of similar byspines.

All the spines are little prominent, to 1/4-1/2 of the diameter of the sagittal ring.

The species does not appear to be identical to any of Haeckel´s.
Very rare and only singly: The Vestfjorden 1/2 1899, 0-200 m.

Distribution: In warm, salt waters of the Atlantic beyond Søndmøre (S/S Michael Sars, 2/2 1901, between station 4 and 5, in the surface; cfr. Gran, 1902, p. 149), very sparsely; the Oster Fjord near Bergen, at a great depth, here too only singly.
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