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Sethoconus tabulatus (Ehrenberg, 1873)

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Sethoconus tabulatus:
Cephalis 0.013mm long. Thorax in length 0.06mm, in breadth 0.045. Largest pores 0.008mm in diameter. Cephalis with one delicate horn and several small bristles.
Ehrenberg 1873
Sethoconus (?) tabulatus:
Minute skeleton consisting of two segments. First - "cephalis" – small, with small irregular disposed pores. Second segment indistinctly demarcated from first, far larger; cylindrical, narrowing slightly in lower part, and apparently closed. Pores on second segment oval or polygonal disposed in 13-19 longitudinal rows. Rows often uneven; pores unequal in size. Surface of shell rough, covered with small spinules. Internal skeleton composed of usual elements (MB, D, Ll, Lr, A, and Vert), which are very slender, their direction not strictly fixed. Needle A passing externally to "cephalis" in form of small apical horn, needles D, Ll and Lr forming slender lateral processes on upper part of second segment.

Dimensions: length of first segment 15-20ìm, width 20-28ìm, length of second segment 70-100ìm, width 43-50ìm.
Petrushevskaya 1967











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