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Lophospyris pentagona hyperborea (Jørgensen), emend. Goll, 1976

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Benson, 1966, p. 321-324 (in part); pl. 22, figs. 17-18 (not figs. 15-16):

Ceratospyris polygona Haeckel

Three variations of the bilocular cephalis are present in this species. The majority of specimens have large polygonal pores separated by three-bladed intervening bars from the nodes of which arise three-bladed spines (Pl. 22, figs. 15-16) [= Lophospyris pentagona pentagona]. The number and size of pores are variable; two pairs of large pores are present on the dorsal, upper, and ventral sides of the sagittal constriction, the pores of each pair separated by the sagittal ring.

[Lophospyris pentagona hyperborea]:

The second form has the large polygonal pores on either side of the sagittal ring that are separated by three-bladed bars, but the lateral portion of each lobe is composed of a smooth, rounded, small-pored lattice (Pl. 22, fig. 18). The third variation of the cephalis is represented by a few specimens having large, subequal, circular pores, but the intervening bars separating them have traces of a three-bladed cross-sectional shape (Pl. 22, fig. 17); most of these specimens have spines arising from the nodes of the intervening bars; this form may represent a response to an increase in dissolved silica in the surface waters of the Gulf.
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