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Peromelissa phalacra (Haeckel), 1887

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Excerpts from Benson, 1966, p. 366-369; pl. 24, fig. 13, not 10-12:

Lithomelissa thoracites Hacekel

In a few specimens the cephalis is ovoid, smooth, nearly hyaline, and the thorax is reduced in size.

Several specimens conforming to Lithomelissa monoceras Popofsky were tentatively identified as L. thoracites. These tests are very smooth, and the upper part of the cephalis is nearly hyaline (Pl. 24, fig. 13). The rare occurrence of these forms makes it impossible to study their complete range of variation. It is the writer's opinion that they are variant forms of L. thoracites in the Gulf, but further study is necessary before they can be placed positively in synonymy with this species.

Popofsky (1913, p. 335) reported L. monoceras from the western tropical part of the Indian Ocean and from the tropica1 South Atlantic.
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