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Pterocorys clausus (Popofsky, 1913)

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From Benson, 1966, p. 482-485; pl. 33, fig. 4 (not fig. 5):

Theoconus zancleus (Müller) Haeckel

From Description (p.483):

Abdomen smooth, ranging from subcylindrical with its distal portion tapering inward and with equal (6-12 µm) circular pores arranged hexagonally in longitudinal rows…

From Remarks (p. 484):

No specimens from the Gulf have their basal mouths closed by a lattice, but in all other aspects several are similar to Lithornithium clausum Popofsky in that they have an abdomen that is constricted distally and has equal pores throughout (Pl. 33, fig. 4). If further study reveals that these forms have their terminal mouths closed, they should be separated and assigned to Popofsky's species.
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