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Siphocampe lineata (Ehrenberg, 1838)

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Benson, 1966, p. 520-521; pl. 35, figs. 10-11:

Siphocampium cf. cylindrica Haeckel

?Tricolocampe cylindrica Haeckel, 1887, Challenger Rept., Zool., vol. 18, p. 1412, Pl. 66, fig. 21.

Cephalis, ventral tube, and thorax the same as in Siphocampium sp.; apical spine lacking. Thoracic pores small, separated by wider intervening bars, arranged in 4-5 transverse rows. Thorax separated from a long, narrow, cylindrical abdomen by a distinct stricture; internal septal ring, if present, is indistinct. Pores of abdomen small, subrectangular, arranged in 10-13 or more transverse rows, each row separated by a hyaline region with minute longitudinal ridges; the widths of the row of pores and of the hyaline region about equal. Mouth of abdomen not constricted; terminal margin not observed completely developed. Test completely smooth. No more nor less than three joints were observed.

Measurements; based on 5 specimens from stations 27 and 34: maximum length of test 139-153 µm, maximum breadth (abdomen) 48-54 µm; length of cephalis 15-17 µm, of thorax 22-26 µm, of abdomen 102-117 µm; breadth of cephalis 18-21 µm, of thorax 34-37 µm; length of ventral tube 6-11 µm.

Remarks. There is no doubt that this species belongs in the genus Siphocampium Haeckel because it has a ventral cephalic tube. Haeckel's illustration of Tricolocampe cylindrica Haeckel. does not show a cephalic tube but does have transverse rows of abdominal pores separated by hyaline areas. Examination of the type material of this species should determine whether or not it is identical with the Gulf species.

Distribution. This species occurs sparsely and very rarely in the southern half of the Gulf. It is present only at stations 27, 34, 56, 60, 64, 71, and 93.
If this species is the same as T. cvlindrica Haeckel, it is apparently confined to tropical regions. Haeckel reported the latter from the tropical central Pacific at "Challenger" stations 265-274.
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