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Bekoma (?) demissa Foreman, 1973

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Description: Cephalis subspherical, apparently partly depressed in the thorax, with small, circular pores overall and bearing two, apical and vertical, slender, rod like horns which may be ridged basally. Thorax subhemispherical with regularly arranged, uniform, circular pores and surface slightly roughened by small pointed nodes. Thorax inflated between indentations that mark the line of internal ribs from the primary lateral and dorsal bars to the three feet. This inflated thorax partly obscures the collar stricture, which has five collar pores internally, the vertical bar rising so sharply that it does not divide the cervical pore. A smooth rim surrounds the slightly constricted aperture. Three feet, triangular to subtriangular in cross section, extend downward from the distal most thoracic wall, with very little divergence except distally where they curve outward and terminate in smooth points. The feet may be entirely smooth or have one or two lateral thorns or short branches distally; these have never been observed to join the branches of the adjacent feet.

Remarks: This species is distinguished from Bekoma campechensis and B. divaricate by the character of the cephalis which differs in having
numerous pores overall, has collar structures which differ somewhat (see Figure 6), and appears partly depressed in the thorax, and also by the
feet which depend with very little divergence and have less well developed branches. Although this species appears to be related to B. campechensis and B. divarciata, the considerable difference between its cephalis and that of the type species of Bekoma {Bekoma bidarfensis) makes the generic assignment doubtful.
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