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Buryella kaikoura Hollis, 1997

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DESCRIPTION: Fusiform test of four segments with smooth outline. Cephalis ellipsoidal, sparsely perforate with short apical and distinct vertical pore directly above indistinct collar stricture. Thorax inflated conical with circular pores loosely quincuncial in three rows. Third segment largest, inflated medially, pores quincuncial in 5-7 rows. Final segment thinner, rarely preserved, inverted truncate to conical with circular to elliptical pores arranged in at least two transverse rows.

REMARKS: Distinguished from B. tetradica by regular quincuncial arrangement of abdominal pores (ie. not longitudinally aligned); from B. formanae by smooth outline, more rows of pores on the abdomen and a delicate fourth segment that has, as yet, not been observed intact; from B. clinata by a broader test, a much weaker apical horn, and not having any abdominal pores arranged in distinct diagonal rows.
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