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Phormostichoartus? strongi Hollis, 1997

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Description: Small subcylindrical to fusiform thick-walled test of four segments. Sphereoidal cephalis with indistinct vertical tube; surface dimpled, imperforate or sparsely perforate with small subcircular pores. Thorax hemispherical, closely-spaced subcircular pores, quincuncial in four to five rows with hexagonal frames. Collar and lumbar strictures externally well defined, subsequent stricture less distinct. Abdomen moderately inflated, with subcircular pores quincuncially arranged in five to seven rows. Fourth segment subcylindrical, narrows distally with well-developed basal peristome; pores subcircular to irregular, quincuncial in 4-9 rows.
Hollis 1997











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