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Stylochlamydium asteriscus Haeckel, 1887

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Stylochlamydium asteriscus:
All rings of the disk concentric, circular, or polygonal, with increasing breadth from the center; the fifth ring twice as broad as the second. Pores irregular, roundish, three to four on the breadth of each ring; in the rings two to six time as large as in the equatorial girdle, which is half as broad or two-third as broad as the radius of the disk. Twelve bristle-shaped radial spines are connected by the girdle near to the points; four crossed spines arising from the central chamber; two others between these in each quadrant arising from the first ring.

Dimensions: Diameter of the disk (with five rings) 0.15, with girdle 0.25; breadth of the second ring 0.01, of the fifth ring 0.02; pores 0.001-0.005.
Haeckel 1887
Benson, 1966, p. 210-213; pl. 10, fig. 6 (not figs. 2-4, 5(?), 7):

Ommatodiscus sp. [part.]

See Benson (1966) description of this species under Stylodictya tenuispina.

Benson, 1983, p. 509 [revised 2003]:

Stylochlamydium asteriscus Haeckel group

This species includes specimens with an opaque, biconvex central region (concentric discoidal shells) surrounded in a single plane by numerous concentric, equally spaced, regular [vs. irregular rings of S. venustum], latticed rings covered by a porous sieve plate on both sides of the test and with [vs. without for Stylodictya tenuispina] marginal spines.
Benson 1983











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