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Dictyophimus hirundo (Haeckel, 1887)

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Pterocorys hirundo (p. 1318):
Shell slender, ovate, with two deep strictures. Length of the three joints = 1: 4: 4, breadth = 2: 5: 5. Cephalis hemispherical, with a large pyramidal horn longer than the half shell. Thorax conical, spiny, prolonged above the lumbar girdle into three slender, triangular, prismatic wings, which are about as long as the shell, and slightly curved downwards, with lower convexity. Abdomen inflated, with wide, truncate mouth. Pores irregular, roundish, of very different sizes.

Dimensions: Length of the three joints, a 0.03, b 0.08, c 0.08; breadth, a 0.04, b 0.1, c 0.1
Habitat: Central Pacific, Station 272, depth 2600 fathoms.
Haeckel 1887

Pterocorys hirundo (p. 238):
Cephalis subglobular, with smooth or slightly spiny surface, and numerous small pores which in some specimens are secondarily closed by siliceous lamellae. Apical horn thin, acute, vertical, eccentrically situated, usually approximately as long as the cephalis. In some specimens the "vertical spine" element of the primary spicular skeleton extends beyond the cephalis surface as a second, oblique cephalic horn. Thorax truncate-conical to campanulate, with rather large subcircular or circular pores, its surface usually bearing short, thorn-like spines. Abdomen short, narrower than widest part of the thorax, in many specimens rudimentary or consisting of only one or two rows of subcircular pores separated by narrow intervening bars, with no distinct peristome. In the wall of the thorax are three ribs, continuous with the three three-bladed, acute, divergent, straight or slightly curved feet which arise subterminally from the thorax. At the collar stricture are two pairs of large collar pores separated by the primary lateral spines (L,L), and it is often possible to distinguish also a pair of smaller pores, enclosed by the dorsal (D) and the secondary lateral (l,l) spines in front of the origin of the apical spine. Length of the apical horn 7-36µ, of cephalis 16-27µ, of thorax 30-70µ, of feet 35-125µ. Breadth of thorax 50-90µ.
Riedel 1958











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