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Spongodiscus resurgens Ehrenberg, 1854

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Spongodiscus resurgens (p. 577)
Spongy disk lenticular, biconvex, in the darker centre much thicker than towards the thin periphery, with an irregular framework, without concentric rings, but with numerous piercing radial beams. Texture equal; meshes three to four times as the bars.

Dimensions: Diameter of the disk 0.1 to 0.3, of the meshes 0.003 to 0.006.
Habitat: Cosmopolitan; Mediterranean, Atlantic, Pacific, surface; also fossil in the Tertiary rocks of Sicily and Barbados.
Haeckel 1887
Spongodiscus resurgens (p. 116):
Description: Slightly biconvex disc, darker in the center, with irregular, spongy meshwork. No radial beams were observed within the disc.

Distribution: Cosmopolitan.
Boltovskoy and Riedel 1980
Spongodiscus resurgens:
Spongy biconvex disc with no discernible structure, without spines on edges or surfaces of disc. Diameter of disc: 100-400 ┬Ám.
Boltovskoy 1998











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