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Porospathis holostoma (Cleve, 1899)

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Polypetta holostoma (p. 32):
Shell spherical. Structure: triangular alveoli (1.5 in 0.01 mm) separated by prominent fine crests. At each point, where these crests cross each other, a short, small thorn arises. On the surface of the shell are scattered without order a number of narrow, structure-less, straight or slightly curved tubes, longer around the proboscis, where they are three or four times as long as the diameter of the shell. Proboscis a cylindrical tube, somewhat shorter that the diameter of the shell. The mouth with a narrow, undivided rim.

Diameter: 0.09-0.1 mm
This species agrees in all respects, except the mouth, with Polypetta tabulate HKL. from the abysmal depth of the Indian Ocean.
Cleve 1899











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