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Botryocampe inflata (Bailey, 1856)

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Lithobotrys inflatum (p. 5):
Shell ovoidal, head composed of two or three small rounded cells. Body with one large inflated cell with a slight transverse constriction. Surface with cells of unequal size. Length 3m [=0.003 English inch]. Diameter 1 3/4m [=0.00175 English inch]
Bailey 1856
Botryocampe inflata (p. 1123):
Cephalis trilobate, inflated, of about the same breadth and length as the tun-shaped thorax and the hemispherical abdomen. Frontal lobes of the cephalis ovate, a little smaller than the ovate odd occipital lobe. Pores numerous and small.

Dimensions: Length of the shell 0.05 to 0.08, breadth 0.02 to 0.04.
Habitat: Cosmopolitan; Mediterranean, Atlantic, Pacific, Stations 267 to 274, 241, 354, &c., surface, and in various depths.
Haeckel 1887











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