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Stylosphaera coronata laevis Ehrenberg, 1873

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Stylosphaera laevis, sphaera ovato-oblonga laevis, nucleo medio nebuloso, poris parvis discretis irregulariter notata, nucleus incertus, utroque fine obtuse aculeato. Aculei duo oppositi, unus parvus crassior apice conicus, alter longior attenuatus. Long. tot. sine aculeis 1/34'''.Cell. discretae in 1/96''' fere 3. Long. acul. majoris 1/40''', minoris 1/96'''.
Ehrenberg 1873
Shell resembling Stylosphaera coronata coronata, but with cortical shell thinner-walled and with smoother surface, and spines longer, evenly tapering.
Measurements (based on 30 specimens from 97-17-2 and 94-22-4): major diameter of cortical shell 75-100µ, its minor diameter 65-80µ. Length of the longer spine 70-125µ.
Sanfilippo and Riedel 1973











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