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Spongodiscus klingi Caulet, 1986

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Disc circular, spongy, subdivided into three concentric parts, with a regular margin. Inner disc with 4-5 chambered rows partly obscured by a spongy network. Median part of the disk a net of small irregular pores with 5-7 large meshes. External part of the disc strong and spongy with a delicate margin and fragile short spines, often broken.
Total diameter, 210-220µm; Median thin area width, 40µm. Maximum dimensions of larger elliptical pores, 20µm.
This species differs from all other spongodiscid species in the broader pores located in the median part of the shell. Frequently, the fragile margin is is not observed. The number of inner broad pores is variable. Riedel (1953) described a form with a thin region between a plain margin and a central chambered region, without larger pores. Relationships with other spongodiscids unknown.
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